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If you have been looking in the past for a vacation home in the area and found that the garage was too small or the house too big, perhaps the layout was all wrong - then come check out these lots, they are ready to receive your ideas and plans to give you all that you require for long term lake home happiness. Heritage Ranch encompasses approximately 9,150 total acres with 2,104 single-family residential lots presently developed and 5,100 acres of dedicated open space. Open space consists of the many amenities along with undeveloped common area which is kept in a natural state consisting primarily of native grasses and oak trees. Nacimiento Lake's elevation at full capacity is 800 feet above sea level with (5,400 surface) 165 miles of shoreline.

1/4 acre & larger building lots! - Located @ Heritage Ranch in two phases

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Jim DiMauro has been actively selling all types of real estate on and around Lake Nacimiento exclusively since 1992. He lives, works, and plays at the Lake 365 days a year. Seeing is believing, so make an appointment to tour the area today!

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